Sunday, June 18, 2017

Move Ether From Coinbase Exchange To Local Exodus Wallet

If you want to buy bitcoin or ethereum on an exchange, US residents may consider Coinbase. Coinbase also trades litecoin, in addition to bitcoin and ethereum. For deposits, Coinbase accepts credit cards and checking accounts.
If you want to open an account with Coinbase, this link will give you an extra $10 to start your Coinbase account.

After you have purchased ether in your Coinbase account, you will want to install a wallet on a local machine in order to move the ether off the Coinbase exchange. After creating a local wallet, you will transfer the ether from Coinbase to the public key of your local wallet.

We will use the Exodus wallet, because it supports multiple coins. It also supports Shapeshift, to swap to different coins.

This example uses MS Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit.
Click here to download the Exodus wallet application. For this example, choose the Windows application.
Optionally scan the downloaded file for viruses.
Double-click the downloaded file to install Exodus. It will install and show a prompt telling you it has been installed. Look for the desktop shortcut and double-click it. This will display the main Exodus screen.

On the left side of the Exodus application, click Wallet.

Press Receive and the program will show your local ethereum address.
Press the left button to copy this address into the clipboard.

Login to Coinbase and go to Send/Request.
Paste the address from the clipboard, which was copied from the Exodus applictation, into the Recipient field of Coinbase.
Choose the amount to send, and select "ETH Wallet".

Press the Send Funds button.

Enter the authentication code, and confirm the transaction.

Coinbase will show the coin has been sent.

Go to the Exodus application and look for the received coin.

Exodus allows a backup to be created once there is any amount of coin in the wallet.Backup the wallet in Exodus by pressing the Backup button on the left side of the program.
Create a password.

The next Exodus screen will display twelve words. With these words, anyone can recreate the wallet. Print out or write down the twelve word password recovery words and keep the words private to yourself.

Enter an email address to receive a recovery link. Then log in to your email account and look for the email from

If you want to send a tip, use this ethereum public key address: 0xe3964791d573bf3459C8be9c1bffB35Ce4ddBC2e

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Bitcoin Reading List

Minimum Viable Block Chain, by Ilya Grigorik, is an introductory paper which includes most of the required concepts.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies was published from Princeton and has a corresponding Coursera course. The draft version of the book is available in a free pdf.

Financial services regulation and policy.  Bitcoin A Primer For Policymakers is a free pdf.

Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Cryptocurrencies is a good read from O'Reilly.

Monday, June 27, 2016

SkypeHost.exe on Windows 10

Anyone who does not use Skype and who is looking through Task Manager may be frustrated to observe a task named SkypeHost.exe. While it may have "Suspended" status, some users would like to completely remove the task while not affecting Skype for other users on the PC.

SkypeHost.exe will restart if it is killed through "End task" in the Task Manager. The following instructions will remove the task, while allowing Skype to continue to function for other users of the PC.

The process is to open the Skype application and log in.  Then choose "Options" and uncheck "Start Skype which I start Windows" and "Sign me in when Skype starts".

 The process will end, and it will not restart the next time you log in.