Monday, September 22, 2008


TVersity is a UPnP media server. It supports format conversions and streaming to multiple device types. The TVersity software is running on a MSWindows Vista PC.

TVersity can take podcasts and video/audio streams and convert and distribute the streams to other devices. It can also distribute local music, video, and pictures.

TVersity has built-in support for youtube and many RSS feeds.

Instead of streaming Bloomberg or CNN on a PC, I instead stream this video and radio and podcasts to a D-Link media player. I enjoy watching video podcasts on the sofa, and children can watch Sesame Street podcasts and other children's content.

The D-Link DSM-320 didn't support wireless WEP/WAP. I also found that using my in-building wireless caused glitches with the media server. I pulled CAT5 and video streaming is now smooth with the hard-wired connection.
The D-Link device has special codes to enable telnet and a small unix shell.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Firefox Color Management

The Mozilla browser (used by Firefox) has included color management. The color management is disabled by default, and when enabled can provide improved color management and picture display.

In the web browser address bar, type: about:config
Search for: gfx.color_management_enabled
Change gfx.color_management_enabled from false to true then restart the web browser.