Thursday, February 11, 2021

MS Windows 10 Border Width

Microsoft made super-skinny border widths on Windows 10. While there has been a couple years for this design mistake to be corrected, it appears this will not be changing in the pending release of Window 11.
It is well past a reasonable amount of time for Microsoft to fix the super-skinny window borders.

The skinny window borders make it challenging to place and align windows. It also makes it challenging for older or disabled persons to grab the side of the window.

The straight-forward method to have fat window borders is to turn on the high visibility theme. This will produce drastic visual changes, make websites look different than what you may expect, and remove backgrounds such as desktop color or picture. You may want to try this change and then decide if fat window borders are worth the other visual changes in the theme.

Standard MS Windows 10 borders look like this.



Press the Start button and type: themes

Choose the app for "Themes and related settings".

In the Settings window, scroll down and click on "High contrast settings".



Turn on the high contrast slider, then choose theme "High Contrast White" in the drop down list box.



While visually jarring at first, the High Contrast White theme does increase the window border width.