Saturday, February 22, 2020

Uninstall Windows 10 Apps

Microsoft is aggressively pushing some unwanted applications during Windows 10 upgrades. Some of the applications may be uninstalled in Windows Settings --> Apps & features. Many can not be removed or uninstalled there.

It is possible to use the command line to uninstall some of these unwanted applications.

Press the Start button and type: windows powershell
Click on "Run as Administrator" to open the Power Shell.

To uninstall "Your Phone", in Power Shell type: Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage

To remove xbox, type: get-appxpackage -allusers *xboxapp* | Remove-AppxPackage
Three more lines to remove xbox are: get-appxprovisionedpackage –online | where-object {$_.packagename –like “*xboxapp*”} | remove-appxprovisionedpackage –online
And: get-appxpackage -allusers *xboxapp* | Remove-AppxPackage
And: get-appxprovisionedpackage –online | where-object {$_.packagename –like “*xboxapp*”} | remove-appxprovisionedpackage –online 
To remove the Xbox Game Bar application, type: get-appxpackage -allusers *xbox* | Remove-AppxPackage

To remove 3D Builder type: Get-AppxPackage *3dbuilder* | Remove-AppxPackage 
Also remove the 3D Viewer: Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.Microsoft3DViewer | Remove-AppxPackage

To remove the Camera application type: Get-AppxPackage *windowscamera* | Remove-AppxPackage

To remove Maps type: Get-AppxPackage *windowsmaps* | Remove-AppxPackage

To remove Microsoft's People app, type: Get-AppxPackage *people* | Remove-AppxPackage

If you want to re-install the applications, open the Windows Store from the Start menu and install the applications.

After the applications are removed, you may want to create a restore point. Press the Start button and type: restore point. Then Configure and Create a restore point.