Friday, December 20, 2013

Set "Date Taken" As Default Sort Order

Running MS Windows 8.1 Pro, I prefer to have folders containing camera pictures to sort by "Date taken".  When I created new folders for my pictures, I had to manually add the column and sort option.  While this was easy, it cried out for automation.

How to set "Date taken" as default sort order for new picture folders in MS Windows 8:
  1. Open File Explorer
  2. On the left side, look for Desktop and Libraries.  Go to the Libraries folder.
  3. Go the the Pictures folder.  File explorer title bar should now show: Libraries\Pictures
  4. Right click and set your column and sorting preferences.

  5. Other folders inside this folder will inherit the same preferences. 

Note: If you change the folder settings, those new settings will dynamically be applied to child folders.