Saturday, December 06, 2008

Windows Media Player Sync'ing Cameras

In Vista, Windows Media Player suddenly started trying to sync to a camera when that was plugged in to USB. The preferred action is to use the "Windows import pictures" feature.

Follow these steps to stop Windows Media Player from trying to synchronize to a camera:
+ Start button
+ Control Panel
+ Hardware and Sound
+ AutoPlay

+ Look under Devices for your device, and choose Import Pictures using Windows
+ Save

It may be necessary to log off/on for the import feature to activate.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Time Synchronize via NTP (router, webcam)

Home wireless router DI-524 would forget the date and time when it would restart (power off, setting changes).
Time settings are on the router page and automatic NTP (network time protocol) may be configured with in North America.
Save the setting and restart the device.

Trendnet Wireless Network Camera TV-IP110W can sync to a time server on page

Localized time server pools may be found here.

Monday, September 22, 2008


TVersity is a UPnP media server. It supports format conversions and streaming to multiple device types. The TVersity software is running on a MSWindows Vista PC.

TVersity can take podcasts and video/audio streams and convert and distribute the streams to other devices. It can also distribute local music, video, and pictures.

TVersity has built-in support for youtube and many RSS feeds.

Instead of streaming Bloomberg or CNN on a PC, I instead stream this video and radio and podcasts to a D-Link media player. I enjoy watching video podcasts on the sofa, and children can watch Sesame Street podcasts and other children's content.

The D-Link DSM-320 didn't support wireless WEP/WAP. I also found that using my in-building wireless caused glitches with the media server. I pulled CAT5 and video streaming is now smooth with the hard-wired connection.
The D-Link device has special codes to enable telnet and a small unix shell.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Firefox Color Management

The Mozilla browser (used by Firefox) has included color management. The color management is disabled by default, and when enabled can provide improved color management and picture display.

In the web browser address bar, type: about:config
Search for: gfx.color_management_enabled
Change gfx.color_management_enabled from false to true then restart the web browser.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

VMware License Management Blues

It seems that many Windows administrators have pushed the flexibility of VM, and allowed a trojan horse on their machines.

There is a date-based license management problem that will stop some VMs from starting today.

Monday, June 30, 2008

(Distributed SaaS) PC File Sync

I rarely promote websites, but this service is so useful I may be able to stop carrying a thumb drive. It works like NFS, any is simple enough for everybody.

GetDropBox syncs files in a PC folder to the web and to other people's PCs (those who are authorized to share). A small program runs on each PC, or files can be retrieved via a web browser.

This is a simple way to share/sync files in a folder to multiple PCs and is particularly useful for carrying around files to multiple PCs.

From :

Changes to your files are instantly synced across your computers.

It's seamlessly integrated into your desktop.

All of your stuff is available via the web, so you can get it no matter where you are.
Share the love Invite friends and family to a shared folder for easy collaboration around files.

You can undelete files or restore old versions in a snap.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Inaccurate Gigabyte Definition

Seagate to repay customers over inaccurate gigabyte definition
Qualified hard drive buyers can choose cash or backup software

(Computerworld) -- Seagate Technology LLC has agreed to settle a lawsuit by offering customers who purchased a hard drive from the company during the last six years a cash refund or free backup and recovery software.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Oracle PLSQL Number Datatype Exploit

Researcher finds new way to hack Oracle database
'Lateral SQL injection' details released in paper

Security researcher David Litchfield has released technical details of a new type of attack that could give a hacker access to an Oracle database.


Litchfield's attack targets the Procedural Language/SQL programming language used by Oracle developers.


"If you happen to be using Oracle and you write your own applications on it, then yes, you could be writing vulnerable code," he said.