Sunday, September 24, 2023

How To Install Photos Legacy, and Microsoft Windows App Store

Microsoft is upgrading well-known apps such as Paint and requiring an app store download to install the legacy Paint app. For those with MS Windows login accounts not using an email address, using the Microsoft app store will encounter issues. It appears Microsoft is focused on forcing installs from their app store, along with sign-in via an email address.

A couple apps you may want to download from the app store are Paint Legacy and Power Tools. In a web browser, login to a Microsoft email address such as a Hotmail account. Then go to the web version of the app store and search for your app. Then click button "Get in Store App" and it may download and install. This can avoid using the app store app which is now built in to MS Windows.

After logged in to a Microsoft account on web browser (to or or other Microsoft email hosting), use the following links:
  • MS Photos Legacy     ( )
  • MS PowerToys     ( )

The download window claims there are in-app purchases available in the Photos Legacy app.

Be aware that Power Toys will add items to context menus such as File Explorer.