Monday, December 19, 2005

Power Usage and Postgres

Sun has been moving to reduce power consumption in the data center. Anyone managing more than a dozen machines must be concerned about scalability and redundancy of their power and cooling. More efficient chips are good.

Sun also announced support for Postgres, which will encourage more companies to consider open source databases. Low end databases have become a commodity. Money can still be made in support, while licensing fees are under pressure.
Microsoft is trying the opposite by raising prices. Like GM and Ford have found, consumers may pay up for a couple years, but consumers will look for alternatives.

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  1. Much like a consumer buying a power efficient refrigerator, data center users in California can get a energy rebate from the power company for using power efficient Sun servers.

    As part of PG&E’s Non Residential Retrofit program, customers replacing existing equipment with these eco-responsible servers can receive a cash savings between $700-$1000 per server...