Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Dell Fast Pics

PC users who run the Dell printer software, may encounter "Dell Fast Pics" popping up upon insertion of a USB stick or drive.  It monitors drives and prompts to transfer photos.  Dell's printer program monitoring drives for pictures is annoying.

Several Dell printer manuals describe the Fast Pics program.

If you are not interested in using that program and you do not want it monitoring your drives, look for file dleamon.exe.  Either disable it from starting up or rename the file in the printer directory.
Those using Microsoft Windows 7 or earlier can look at the startup programs by running msconfig.exe
In Microsoft Windows 8 start the Task Manager and look in the Startup tab for "Printer Device Monitor" and ezprint.exe.
You may also look for file "[Windows drive]\Program Files\Dell Vnnn-Vnnn Series\dleamon.exe" and exprint.exe.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on controlling Dell fast pics.