Thursday, April 05, 2018

Short Guide To Configure Linux X On Microsoft Windows

This post contains minimal instructions to run X programs on Microsoft Windows from a Ubuntu Linux machine.

On Windows, install PuTTY from

On Windows, install Xming from

On Windows, run XLaunch (was installed by Xming) and go through prompts:
Display Settings "Multiple Windows"
Session Type "Start no client"
Additional Parameters "Check Clipboard box"

On Windows run PuTTY.
Load a session profile or create a session profile for a Linux machine.
In left panel, go to Connection, SSH, X11.
Click "Enable X11 Forwarding"
X display location "localhost:0.0"
Save that connection profile in PuTTY, so the X11 configuration will be there tomorrow.

On Windows, run Xming. It will run in the background without a Windows display.
On Windows, open the configured PuTTY connection that was previously configured for X11. This should open a command-window on the Linux machine. Enter the following in the command window:
$ echo $TERM
$ echo $DISPLAY

Test X by typing "xclock". A GUI clock from the Linux machine should display on the Windows machine.
Typing "xclock&" will allow you to continue to type in the command window while the xclock GUI also runs.

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