Sunday, March 26, 2006

Useful HP-UX Commands

Useful HP-UX commands:
bdf Show disk space.

tusc Trace system calls.

lsof List open files.

/usr/sbin/kmtune Show and sets kernel parameters.

Record system performance:
/usr/bin/sar System activity reporter.
vmstat Virtual memory statistics. Non-zero 'b' column is an I/O blockage.
netstat -i Network status. Large and increasing values for errors and collisions is a symptom of a network problem.

HP-UX operating system administrators may already be running the perfstat tool. If you see rep_server processes running from root, then perfstat is in use.
Perfstat records useful information. Record this info to a readable file with /opt/perf/bin/perfstat -z.



perfstat -c shows kernel parms.


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